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Yoga Retreat Portugal

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Meet your Yoga teachers
Julia and Luisa


Julia is an experienced all-round yoga teacher.

Her classes are varied and accessible to everyone:

‘You don’t have to be flexible or be able to stand on your head, although that is allowed. You feel best what is happening in your body and what suits you.’


Luisa has been trained in a variety of yoga and mind-body disciplines.

For her, yoga is a state of being. Her classes are practical and

meditative at the same time, without being woo-woo.

One of her mottos is: ‘We don’t use the body to get into a pose,

we use a pose to get into the body.’

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You can now book a spot at our all-inclusive Yoga Retreat at a characteristic and comfortable country house with a saltwater pool in rural surroundings. 

Enjoy daily yoga classes, tai chi and qigong sessions, walks and excursions, workshops and vegan/vegetarian meals. 

The village of Avecasta is a calm oasis in the green heart of Portugal and the perfect point of departure for activities in the area.

Come and treat yourself to a restful and inspiring vacation in this beautiful part of Portugal. 

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