About Luisa Batista

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Trauma is an experience,
not an event.


I believe a kinder, safer and happier world, starts with happier, healthier people.

So I help people who suffer from anxiety and addiction to go from days filled with anxiety, overthinking and unhealthy coping strategies, to a happier and healthier life, filled with joy, freedom and possibilities, through a simple, practical and effective programme of breathwork, movement and other somatic modalities.

I'm a certified breathwork facilitator, holistic health coach and yoga teacher.

I work with clients both one-on-one or in group settings. 

I've always been interested in people and in what makes them tick.

In my twenties, I worked as a personal assistant to a medical doctor who specialized in treating people with drug addictions, and I read countless medical and psychological case studies.

It made me aware of how most people who suffer from addiction have experienced (childhood) trauma.

In my thirties, I started a new career and worked as an English teacher in secondary school.

I also started taking yoga classes.

I learned about the connection between body and mind and decided to become a yoga teacher myself.

I've experienced several traumatic events and suffered from anxiety, depression and addiction.

Yoga and Breathwork have made me more aware of my body and mind, my habits and thinking patterns.

I managed to overcome my addictions and am now a much more balanced and happier person.

Read more about me and my healing journey here.