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About Luisa Batista

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Trauma is an experience,
not an event.

Luisa Batista was born and raised in Amsterdam and now lives in Portugal with her husband, 7 dogs and 2 cats.

She has always been interested in people and in what makes them tick.

In her twenties, she worked as a personal assistant to a medical doctor who specialized in treating people with drug addictions, and she read countless medical and psychological case studies. It made her aware also of how most people who suffer from addiction have experienced (childhood) trauma.

She experienced several traumatic events herself and suffered from anxiety, depression and addiction.

When she started attending yoga classes, she learned about the connection between body and mind. Yoga brought her many physical and mental benefits. Wanting to know more about the background and philosophy of yoga, she became a yoga teacher herself.

She is a vegan, certified breathwork facilitator, holistic health coach and yoga teacher. She believes a kinder, safer and happier world, starts with more compassionate, happier and healthier people.

So she supports people who are vegan or want to become (more) vegan to find their way in a seemingly uncaring world.

She guides them toward a life filled with joy, freedom and inner peace, through a simple, practical and effective coaching programme of breathwork, movement and other somatic modalities.

Read more about Luisa and her healing journey here.

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