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A Happy, Healthy World Starts
With Happy, Healthy People

You have the power to save the world!


Our planet is in big trouble.

Climate change, loss of biodiversity and pollution are driving malnutrition and hunger and are threatening the very existence of all beings on our planet.

The good news is that you have the power to save the world!
By taking positive action and making better choices.

Knowing what your values are and living by them, will improve your mental, physical and emotional health.

Values are ideals that guide our behaviour, especially
in difficult situations.

And happier, healthier people make for a happier, healthier world.

Research has shown that shifting to a more plant-based diet is the single most effective thing people can do to stop climate change.

This means that you, me and everybody can make our world a better place and save the planet by simply eating differently!

Research has also shown that a plant-based diet is better for your overall health.

A plant-based diet, or going full-on vegan, may seem daunting in many ways.
You may think it's too difficult, too expensive, too time-consuming, unappetizing and unhealthy.
You may think you'll have to give up all your favourite foods.
You may have questions, such as where to get your protein, calcium, iron and B12 from.

Well, I'm here to help!

If you s
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Environment Earth Day In the hands holding green earth on Bokeh green Background, Saving e

"If we could live happy and healthy lives without harming others, why wouldn't we?"
- Pam Ahern

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