Breathe, feel, move & heal.

The breath is one of the most powerful tools we have!

Breathwork helps us to connect with our body and our feelings.

Experiencing our feelings in our body - even when they seem overwhelming - is key to overcoming trauma and dealing with stress.

Breathing, feeling and moving help to unwind and release tension in the body, healing the mind and body.

We connect with our intuition, change our habits and our perception of ourself and the world around us.

Are you ready to become more balanced and happier?

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I felt listened to - and I received good and objective advice. Without any judgement. Luisa took me seriously and provided space to understand my role in my relationship, which gave me clarity. Luisa clearly has enough life experience to understand people and to see what they are struggling with.

Elisabeth C.M.

You made me feel at ease and comfortable. You didn't say I was wrong, you accepted me as I am.

You asked questions that made me realize that I am afraid of not being nice enough and that I need to think of what fills me up and what my boundaries are. I realized that it is okay to be myself and ask for what I want. You are really good at this!

Liza K.

Starting from our very first free coaching conversation, I quickly realised that it would be safe for me to speak with Luisa, to share

myself vulnerably and to be listened to.

I am glad I decided to talk about three big things rather than hide myself behind smaller concerns. Because opening up to Luisa as I did got me thinking, and 

noticing and even appreciating myself more.

Thank you, Luisa, for being there, and for caring, and particularly for sharing some of your own experiences with me. I got as much from listening to how your wisdom has revealed itself to you as from hearing myself speak my thoughts out loud.

Steve N.

It was so nice talking to you and having someone holding the space for me to reflect and think outside the box. Our session was thought-provoking and insightful. I felt understood and listened to, not at all judged or pushed to do something I would feel uncomfortable doing.

Marianna G.

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