Breathe, Feel, Move & Heal

You want to feel more in touch with yourself and better connect with other people.

You want to get out of your head and get in touch with your feelings.

You want to stop just coping and become more confident and creative.

You want to go from worrying and anxiety to clarity and calm.

You want to reduce your emotional and physical pain and increase your mood, energy

and vitality.

Breathwork helps to

* relax, accept and respect your boundaries when you are feeling tired or burnt-out;

* control and resolve hyperventilation and other abnormal breathing patterns;
* gain mental and physical rest with more space in your mind and body;
* (re)connect the 3 brains in your body: the head, heart and belly;

* heal chronic (auto-immune) disease;
* develop your spiritual side and gain new insights.

A happier, healthier you starts within, by healing old wounds caused by (small or big) trauma and stress.

Stress and trauma are the main causes of mental and physical pain and illness.

Breathwork makes you (re)connect with your body and feelings.

Breathing, feeling and moving help to unwind and release tension in the body.

By doing this slowly, with attention and intention, you start the healing process.


Your mind and body will become stronger, and you will find it easier to deal with stressful situations.

Because you become calmer and feel more in charge, you will be able to tackle your bad habits and addictions.

You will become less attached to what other people think or say and you will see yourself, others and the world around you with new eyes.

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I was feeling very “old”, with reduced energy, sluggish, no focus, no mojo.

I booked a series of 8 breathwork sessions. Each session built on the last one.

As we progressed I felt more comfortable and at ease (I don’t feel confident to open up easily to people).

Each session was interesting and insightful.

The touch/massage was enhanced by the breathing to become sensitive and more intense than I had expected.

The rhythm of the charging breath “rocked”me and allowed the stiffness in my back and neck to ease and improved my posture.

I felt alert and awake. Win win.

Since the sessions I feel I can think more clearly.

I have found my voice, as the flustered feeling I had about not recalling the words needed has eased, so no wasted energy there.

I’m at peace with myself, more accepting of the ageing process, and more in control and relaxed with it.

Anne K., Portugal

The breathwork sessions were very revealing, because I have never felt connected with my body. Having guidance helped me to relax and connect, feeling energy and sensations traveling through my body.

Insight: I shouldn’t be reluctant to be happy.

I should allow myself to be happy.

I have so much love in my life.


I really valued and enjoyed my breathwork sessions. Luisa helped me to feel safe and at ease during our sessions together.

She was wonderful at picking up cues of areas of discomfort - emotional and physical.

She asked just the right questions and made brilliant suggestions to take me deeper into the process.

Through this time with Luisa, I became better connected to myself, released physical and emotional pain, and gained some much-needed clarity around life in general.

Lisa W., USA