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Buy a Class Pass

Instead of booking a single class every time, save time and money with a pass for 5 classes (valid for 3 months) or a pass for 10 classes (valid for 3 months).

You then book and manage all your classes in the member's area which you can access by logging in to your account.

  • Yoga Pass 10

    Valid for 3 months
    • 10 yoga sessions (choose any yoga class)
  • Yoga Pass 5

    Valid for 3 months
    • 5 yoga sessions (choose any yoga class)

"I am really benefiting from the stretches in Yin Yoga and feel like a new person every time class finishes. I love it." Anne

"For years, my knees were so painful, I thought that surgery was inevitable. After practicing yoga a couple of times a week for almost a year now, I am completely pain free! Apart from improving the quality of my breathing, my balance and my flexibility, yoga has also helped me to find more inner peace." Billie

"Having a very active mind, which is not easy to quieten, and trying mindfulness with little success, I gave Luisa's meditation a go.

I had previously learnt good breathing techniques with Luisa during yoga, which has helped me really get the most benefit from these sessions.

Luisa has a naturally calming but "directive" voice that has brought inner calm, a sensation of "outer body" and complete focus. I highly recommend her sessions to anyone who feels overwhelmed; needs to relax more effectively, and /or who just wants "to be"." - Sarah

"Luisa is a fantastic yoga instructor both in the classroom and online. I have been a yoga student of hers for a couple of years now and always benefit from her yoga sessions. She always has an alternative if you have body restrictions and is sensitive to her clients needs. Go try out one of her sessions! What have you got to lose? Look after your body." - Aoife Brewster, clinical massage therapist and author of the book The Art of Unwinding.

"Through yoga I have regained an active but relaxed posture. All my muscles, but especially the muscles in my back, have become stronger from practicing Yin Yoga. I have also become stronger mentally!" - Betty

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