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If you could do one thing...

2022 is almost over. Depending on the calendar you use. I use the most popular calendar system in the world (apparently), which is the Gregorian calendar. Now, if I were to use the Chinese calendar system, January 1, 2023 would actually be December 10, 2022. I'd have another couple of weeks to recover from Covid before my birthday party and Christmas come along. Although in this scenario I would probably not celebrate Christmas. Can you see how distracted I get? The above is an example of how my brain works. I want to know more facts, so I go down a rabbit hole and before I know it, an hour has passed, I know all - well, a lot - about different calendar systems, and my blog is still waiting to be written. Back to what I really want to talk about: old year, new year, bad habits and good intentions! Around this time of year, most people reflect on what's been, what habits they want to change and what they want to achieve in the year that's coming. Of course, any day of the year is a good day to reflect, become aware and set intentions, but New Year seems like an especially good moment to take stock. My year has been pretty good. The relationship with the people close to me and who I love, have become more solid. I took on some challenging projects that expanded my comfort zone and made me grow as a person (and hopefully my business). In the new year, I will continue working on those two areas: me and my work. The better I know myself, the more meaningful my relationships with other people are. The healthier I am (physically, mentally and emotionally), the more I can take my work and business in the direction that feels right to me. It will enable me to motivate people towards change that will impact not just them, but the whole planet and all living beings, and living their life with more awareness, intention and fulfilment. One thing that anyone can do to make this world a better and healthier place is to become a vegan. Or at least become more vegan. January is Veganuary time. Together with thousands of other people around the globe, you can explore and discover directly the benefits and joys of healthy plant-based cooking and eating. Visit the Veganuary website for recipes and resources, a celebrity cookbook, a starter kit and more. So, let me ask you: Looking back on the year that has passed, what are you grateful for? What habits would you like to change? What are your intentions for the coming year? What small or bigger milestones would you like to achieve and how? I would love to hear your thoughts!

With much love, Luisa PS: If you need a sounding board and some guidance, go here to book a coaching session with me.

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