Holistic coaching for women who are too nice.

I help women who are too nice. Women who do their utmost to please others at their own expense. Women who exhaust themselves to the point of a burn-out by giving all their time, love and attention to others. Women who think everyone else is more important than them and who feel the need to always be liked.


Are you tired of doing what you think is expected of you?

Are you fed-up with putting everyone else first?

Do you want a life that is based on your own values and desires?

Would you like to be healthier and happier and lead a more fulfilling and meaningful life?


Coaching is a way to get more out of yourself and your life than you can get on your own.

Holistic coaching focuses on the mind, body and spirit. It helps you see and understand yourself, your life and the world from a different perspective.

Where needed, I include various techniques and tools, such as creative exercises, relaxation and breathing exercises, Embodied Yoga Principles (EYP) and Yoga Nidra. These practices will be tailored to help you to overcome trauma and emotional issues and achieve your personal transformation.



























Working with me, you will find out what you really want and you will take steps to achieving your goals. You will become more authentically you in everything you think, feel, do and say!

I ask questions that get you thinking, help you clarify your wants and needs, and will help you take action. I may give you some advice, but most times you will find the answers yourself. I provide a safe space, without judgement, with a lot of empathy, respect and, last but not least, humor.

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My Journey

Luisa FB cover.png

Hi! I'm Luisa.

When I was in my thirties, my life seemed perfect on the outside: I was married and had a child, we owned our own home, and I had a job and an active social life.

Then I started suffering from anxiety attacks. It was awful and scary... I didn't understand what was happening to me or why!

I was at a loss so I went looking for help. That was when I found out that I didn't know who I was and learned that I was living a life that I didn't really want.

With the help of a psychologist, I managed to overcome this major life crisis. My marriage ended and I went to university and became an English teacher, Zumba instructor and yoga teacher. I then met my husband with whom I now share a home in a tiny village in Portugal, together with our six dogs and two cats.

I decided to become a coach, because I want to help people who have been through similar circumstances, to heal themselves, transform their lives and achieve their goals.

Read more about me here.

I felt listened to - and I received good and objective advice. Without any judgement. Luisa took me seriously and provided space to understand my role in my relationship, which gave me clarity. Luisa clearly has enough life experience to understand people and to see what they are struggling with.

Elisabeth C.M.

You made me feel at ease and comfortable. You didn't say I was wrong, you accepted me as I am.

You asked questions that made me realize that I am afraid of not being nice enough and that I need to think of what fills me up and what my boundaries are. I realized that it is okay to be myself and ask for what I want. You are really good at this!

Liza K.

Starting from our very first free coaching conversation, I quickly realised that it would be safe for me to speak with Luisa, to share

myself vulnerably and to be listened to.

I am glad I decided to talk about three big things rather than hide myself behind smaller concerns. Because opening up to Luisa as I did got me thinking, and 

noticing and even appreciating myself more.

Thank you, Luisa, for being there, and for caring, and particularly for sharing some of your own experiences with me. I got as much from listening to how your wisdom has revealed itself to you as from hearing myself speak my thoughts out loud.

Steve N.

It was so nice talking to you and having someone holding the space for me to reflect and think outside the box. Our session was thought-provoking and insightful. I felt understood and listened to, not at all judged or pushed to do something I would feel uncomfortable doing.

Marianna G.

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